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Functions and composition

In the year 1993 the regulations Viños da Terra was approved, but the it did not start in full until 1996 with the final approval of the D.O.. The only issue that remains today with the producers is the professionalism of management in order to compete successfully in the markets.

The Regulatory Council of Ribeira Sacra has three basic duties: to guarantee the origen of the product, assure the quality of the product and to promote the wines produced under the umbrella of the D.O.

In the production aspects of the duties , the qualified personal of the Council and an independent technical commission are put in charge of the controls that ensure the final product meets the norms previously set by the Council relating to the wine.


José Manuel Rodríguez González

Vicepresident of the production sector
Juan Carlos Varela Aguiar

Vicepresident of the industrial sector
Adega Cachín S.C. (César Enriquez Diéguez)

Technical Director
Beatriz Soto González

Spokes people production sector A1
Rogelio Díaz Mariño

Spokes people production sector A2
Víctor Manuel Rodríguez López
Roberto regal López

Spokes people production sector A3
Pedro Manuel Rodríguez Pérez
Carlos Losada Díaz

Spokes people industrial sector B1
Adegas e Viñedos Lareu S.L. (Manuel Primitivo Lareu López)
Ronsel do Sil S.L. (Mª José Yravedra Soriano)

Spokes people industrial sector B2
Adega Cachín S.C. (César Enríquez Diéguez)

Spokes people industrial sector B3
Val de Quiroga S.L. (Manuel Gómez Guntiñas)
Bodegas Rectoral de Amandi S.A.U. (Antonio Vide Páez)
Adegas Moure S.A. (Evaristo Rodríguez López)

Mercedes Martínez Fernández



Address: Comercio 6/8. Monforte de Lemos (Lugo). 27400 Spain (+34) 982 410 968