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Arias Fernández, Tomás

Arias Fernández, Tomás
 Sanxillao - Proendos CP: 27460 Sober (Lugo)  982 460 055 // 609 017 945

Contact: Tomás Arias Fernández

Location: Subregion of Amandi

Area: 2 Hectáreas

Production: 18.000 litros

Grape varieties: Mencía



This bodega was started as a family business in 2000, but wine has been made from the owner´s vineyards for more than 40 years. The bodega produces a total of 20,000 litres and is built from stone. Its vineyards, from which all the wine is made, are all on steeply terraced gradients that are typical of the Amandi region.

The bodega is renovating old terraces and replanting them with Mencia grape vines.


  • 2009 Excellence wines (MENCIA BARRICA 2007; MENCIA 2008)
  • 2006 Distinction Gallaecia
  • 2004 Prize of the Association of Soumillers de Galicia.
  • 2001 First prize Association of Soumillers de Galicia, Ourense.


Address: Comercio 6/8. Monforte de Lemos (Lugo). 27400 Spain (+34) 982 410 968