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On September 15th, the harvest officially begins in D.O. Ribeira Sacra


The plenary session of D.O. Ribeira Sacra Regulatory Council sets September 15th as the recommended date for the general start of the grape harvest in the Denomination of Origin. The grape harvest is predictably prolonged until the middle of October; being able to arrive around 6 million kilos of grapes. Last year the official date was September 16th and the harvest ended on October 7th.

The results of the ripening controls in the vineyards, carried out by the technical team of the Denomination from the end of August, made it possible to determine the state of the grape and define the official date for the start of the harvest in this campaign.

100 wineries are registered in D.O. this year, of which 22 are already picking grapes. Since the last weekend of August some wineries have started collecting Godello, a total of 68,252 kilos have been collected as of September 12th.

Most correspond to Godello, with 41,392 kilos, they follow:

Merenzao, 11.037 kilos

Mencía, 10.221 kilos

Albariño, 2.534 kilos

Dona Branca, 1.810 kilos

Treixadura, 776 kilos

Blanco Legítimo, 278 kilos

Loureira, 115 kilos

Mouratón, 90 kilos


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