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14 Ribeira Sacra at the Decanter World Wine Awards


In February 2020 the D.O. Ribeira Sacra attended Decanter for the first time, it did so in the “Wines from Galicia” area, through IGAPE. This year the wines of the D.O. Ribeira Sacra were once again present obtaining great results at the Decanter World Wine Awards, given by the best wine experts from around the world; which makes the awards enjoy international trust.

Of the 14 wines recognized by Decanter in the D.O. Ribeira Sacra obtains the highest score, Vacamulo (2017) by Don Bernardino, 97 points that give it a Platinum recognition, of the 3 that received the wines with Galician denominations of origin. Receive a gold with 95 points, Melanio (2017) from Don Bernardino. 9 silvers are for:

  • Ruxe Ruxe Mencía (2019) by Tolo do Xisto
  • Regina Viarum Mencía (2021) by Regina Viarum
  • Don Bernardino  (2020) by Don Bernardino
  • Finca Mezquita (2016) by Don Bernardino
  • Rectoral de Amandi Mencía (2021) de Rectoral de Amandi
  • Finca Cuarta (2021) by Rubén Moure Fernández
  • Finca Ladeira (2021) by Rubén Moure
  • A Costa (2019) by Rubén Moure Fernández
  • Capricho de Godello (2020) by Adega Ponte Da Boga
E reciben bronce:
  • Tx Os Coventos (2019) by Tolo do Xisto
  • Ibio (2017) by Don Bernardino
  • Matilda Nieves Mencía (2021) by Rectoral de Amandi


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