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CECRV is strengthened from its Assembly in the D.O. Ribeira Sacra and the territory receive their unanimous support for the candidacy as a World Heritage Site


The XXIV General Assembly of CECRV, Spanish Conference of Wine Regulatory Councils, was held in Monforte de Lemos, capital of Ribeira Sacra. The appointment that brings together 98% of the representation of the wine with D.O. in Spain has served to elect a new CECRV board, being elected again as president David Palacios of D.O. Navarra. D.O. Ribeira Sacra also maintains the third vice-presidency that has already been exercising.

The Assembly also served to provide DDOOs with up-to-date information on the main issues that make up the sector's agenda, both at the national level, as well as at the EU and international level. The Assembly confirmed the union of the wine sector in Spain, coinciding in the role that wine plays as an economic dynamic, population fixator and maintenance of the territory in which they carry out their activity.

The President, David Palacios, ensures that the CECRV Assemblies make the best of the Denominations in which they are held and referred to the experience in the D.O. Ribeira Sacra, “We knew The D.O. Ribeira Sacra was not going to be one more, that it was going to be different. You have infected us with your mencía, bruxas, your landscape. You have brought us in autumn, a magical time for this magnificent region to shine even more. ”

David Palacios was grateful for the assistance to the Assembly, the largest of which held CECRV, "Our meetings serve to value quality wine in our country. What better culmination for the harvest than to come to Ribeira Sacra to enjoy working? The work well done pays off and as this land has valued the vineyard and then have magnificent wines, it is what we want the regulatory councils, to fix our product to our land, to our community, to our region, because it is not understood a wine DO without the place where the vine is grown. And in which winemakers give soul to the wine and the region. I think Ribeira Sacra is a role model and a success model. ”

The Assembly was opened by the delegate of the Xunta de Galicia in Lugo, José Manuel Balseiro and closed the Councilor for Rural Affairs, José González, along with the deputy, Pilar García Porto and the tte. Mayor of Monforte, Gloria María Prada. All authorities praised the work of the D.O. Ribeira Sacra in the wine sector and as a revitalizer of a territory that aspires to be a World Heritage Site. José González highlighted the role of wine as an engine of culture, cohesion and future, “that's why Greeks and Romans had a god of wine. I congratulate the attendees for the choice of the place, one of the most magical places of Galicia. In Ribeira Sacra combines the art of making wine with the care of the territory, a laborious work that has been shaping the earth to achieve the vision we have today of this area that is a living landscape modified by the hand of a man with what is known as heroic viticulture because we have vineyards on slopes with up to 85 degrees of inclination. ”

After the members of CECRV have had the possibility to enjoy the main resources of this territory, this Saturday the President of CECRV signed with the Councilor for Culture, Román Rodríguez, the accession of CECRV to the candidacy of Ribeira Sacra as Patrimony of The humanity.

Román Rodríguez highlighted the beauty and history of this territory that combines wine, landscape, heritage wealth of the highest level. “Here we see the human effort behind and the result after centuries of work is this territory. The World Heritage candidacy will be a before and after for Galicia and Ribeira Sacra. This Denomination may be the first Spanish zone with D.O. declared World Heritage. The World Heritage brand makes everything it touches an experience of great value and we are all involved in this process. ”

For his part, the President of CECRV, David Palacios, said he was proud to contribute this grain of grapes for this project, “which will mean a before and after in culture, tourism and heritage in Spain. The wine is ambassador of this country with all that it contributes. These Assemblies allow us to know in situ the idiosyncrasy of each of our Denominations and Ribeira Sacra has made us fall in love. I hope we can provide from our Denominations for this statement that will help us all. We threaten to return to Ribeira Sacra. ”


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