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D.O. Ribeira Sacra, an example of how wine has defined the landscape and energizes the territory


The XXIV General Assembly of CECRV, Spanish Conference of Wine Regulatory Councils, gathered in Ribeira Sacra 60 representatives of 37 denominations of origin of wine. The elections held by the Assembly, 100% of the electoral roll was touched (51 of the 52 regulatory councils that are part of CECRV exercised their right to vote, either in person, or in a delegated manner).

This conference that brought Ribeira Sacra to 98% of the quality wine sector in Spain became the most attended by CECRV, which the President of the Regulatory Council, José Manuel Rodríguez, values very positively, “The world of wine is more united every day, every day we share more things and every day we work more together to have a common position. The world of wine is that unit group that sells the country as a whole, is that leading element to sell other products and we have to congratulate ourselves for it. The board of directors has been renewed, Ribeira Sacra still has a vice-presidency of its group and I think it is to feel happy. Besides the weather helped us these days to see the best image of Ribeira Sacra. ”

This meeting of CECRV also focused on claiming the role that the Denominations of Origin of Wine have in Spain to set population and keep the rural alive, in a country that has the largest vineyard area in the world. In this sense, everyone agreed to point to the D.O. Ribeira Sacra as an example, “What has happened with Ribeira Sacra since the launch of the D.O. is a reality, but sometimes someone from outside has to come to explain what has changed this. If we see images of Ribeira Sacra 20 years ago and from now on, we clearly see the change. What restaurants, what accommodations, what landscapes do we have today? Nothing to do with what it was 20 years ago. This is due to people from different activities who have worked for their land, who have modeled this landscape and that make it so attractive, ”says José Manuel Rodríguez.

Attendees at the XX CECRV Assembly in Ribeira Sacra

In addition to the Assembly, participants were able to enjoy a representation of the main attractions of the territory. Thus, in addition to traveling on the catamaran of the Cañón del Sil, a part of the Winter Way was walked in the surroundings of Belesar, from Diomondi to the Vía Romana winery. After the day before the participants had the possibility to eat at the Regina Viarum winery. All these experiences impressed the world of wine, “This is another step to publicize our territory, so that people of quality wine in Spain know firsthand what our reality is. So that when they go around the world they speak well of our land, ”says the President of the C.R.D.O.R.S.

The presence of CECRV in Ribeira Sacra put the perfect finishing touch with the support for the candidacy of Ribeira Sacra as a World Heritage Site since the conviction that this recognition will benefit the entire wine sector in Spain, where is the viticultural landscape of greater wealth and diversity in the world. “This support is the result of this combination of ideas in the wine sector of working all with everyone. As for the candidacy, it is not just that Ribeira Sacra is a World Heritage Site, it would be the first territory with D.O. of Wine in Spain. It is to show off all Spaniards that we have a viticultural landscape that can be a World Heritage Site. We all have to take advantage of that", says José Manuel Rodríguez.


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