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The 2019 vintage of the D.O. Ribeira Sacra qualified as VERY GOOD


The tasting panel rated 10 references, representative of the 5 subzones (Amandi, Chantada, Quiroga-Bibei, Ribeiras do Miño and Ribeiras do Sil), tasting samples from small and large wineries, and deposit samples already on the market, to have a diverse range, with the objective of determining an average quality of the wines, which turned out to be VERY GOOD, with a score of 7.5. They integrated the tasting panel, which met in Portomarín:

  • Constantino Iglesias, Asociación Gallega de Catadores
  • Alejandro López Facorro, Asociación Sumilleres de Gallaecia
  • Ana Isabel Fernández Escudero, Asociación VitisLucus, expertos en análisis sensorial y enoturismo
  • Maira Ratón Fernández, Asociación Gallega de Enólogos
  • Waldo Carreiras Albo, representante Consumidores Consejo Regulador D.O. Ribeira Sacra
  • José María Martínez Alonso, representante Distribución Consejo Regulador D.O. Ribeira Sacra
  • Alfonso Losada Quiroga, experto en Análisis Sensorial de Vinos
  • David Pascual Rodríguez, experto en Análisis Sensorial de Vinos
  • Mar Vilanova de la Torre, experta en Análisis Sensorial de Vinos
  • José Luis Hernáez Mañas, experto en Viticultura y Análisis Sensorial de Vinos

Mar Vilanova de la Torre, expert in Sensory Analysis of Wines, said, “Very good olfactory level and especially in the mouth. You see a very good evolution. Those hints of fruit with the freshness that give them the vegetable aromas gives a very good structure in the mouth. In the wines tasted there was variety, the terroir effect is seen, the differences of the wines according to the subzones. It is a D.O. with a lot of variety depending on the origin and that gives it different. characteristics ”.

José Luis Hernáez Mañas, expert in Viticulture and Sensory Analysis of Wines said “The harvest was described as very good, but I am interested in highlighting, after the time I have not come, the evolution of the wines of the D.O.Ribeira Sacra towards personality. The wine, when you drink it, you identify it with Ribeira Sacra. They are fantastic wines with those aromas of the Mencía grape, intense mouth, silky palate and many of the tasted wines have an extraordinary aftertaste in the mouth. It is an area that has traveled a fantastic path and if Ribeira Sacra is declared a World Heritage Site, as it deserves, wine, which is a historical and cultural expression of the area, will also be a World Heritage. ”


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