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Ferrán Centelles: "It´s about making very good wine and explaining it well so that people conceive it as a valuable wine."


The event, organized by CaixaBank, with the collaboration of D.O. Ribeira Sacra, was assisted by María Abeleda, commercial director of CaixaBank in Galicia and José Manuel Rodríguez, President of D.O. Ribeira Sacra. The session is part of the agreement signed between CaixaBank and elBulliFoundation, which includes, among other actions, a cycle of training sessions in different Spanish D.O.´s, to analyze and strengthen the wine industry.

José Manuel Rodríguez, D.O. Ribeira Sacra President

What is wine?

Ferrán Centelles began presenting the work that elBulli has been developing for 2 years with the Bullipedia project. The objective is to make a great wine encyclopedia based on gastronomic restoration; The first investigations have already come out, in book format.

Centelles explained that, “The consumption of wine in Spain has gone from being purely food to a hedonistic consumption, the moments of consumption have also varied. Nowadays, making a good meal or a good dinner, to enjoy, is where more wine is consumed and that is where the restaurant and food come in. The restoration has a very important role to add value, that the bottle is perceived better or enjoyed more". 

”Ferrán Centelles stressed how important the taste of wine is for the consumer, and as more and more, that consumer looks for more things in the wine, “The wineries have an extreme sensitivity in getting the best liquid per se. You have to go further, take great care of the environment, the bottle, add it value. It's about making very good wine and explaining it well so that people conceive it as a valuable wine.”

Ferrán Centelles

To sell the wine, Centelles points out that there are three things that can be done: have someone taste your wine, if they go to your cellar, the options they buy are more; They receive a recommendation from someone and learning, the more you learn from a region or a winery, the more you learn from wine, the value you give to the bottle is greater. All this increases what people are willing to pay for wine. ”

Asked for how the wines of the D.O. Ribeira Sacra are perceived abroad, Centelles points out the growing national and international interest, “Ribeira Sacra, I suppose everybody understand that we have, as a treasure. The heroic viticulture, the landscape, the typical taste ... It is an area where many things are happening, there is a lot of producer that is starting projects. The international sommelier begins to recognize the area and begins to interest him. ”


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