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D.O. Ribeira Sacra exceeds 5 million kilos of grapes harvested


D.O. Ribeira Sacra set the official recommended date for the start of the harvest on September 16th, although on August 26th, several wineries were already beginning the harvest. Thus, when a month of harvest has already been completed, D.O. reached On September 30th, 5,096,468 kilos of grapes harvested. In the last campaign, which would end up becoming the most abundant in the history of D.O. with more than 7 million kilos of grapes harvested, it was also at the end of September when the 5 million kilos of grapes were exceeded. Data by varieties are as follows:

Red varieties:

  • Mencía 4.217.830 kilos
  • Garnacha 138.387 kilos
  • Sousón 93.348 kilos
  • Merenzao 50.072 kilos
  • Brancellao 28.104 kilos
  • Caíno tinto 27.372 kilos
  • Tempranillo 25.024 kilos
  • Mouratón 5.292 kilos
  • Grao Negro 1.425 kilos
White Varieties:
  • Godello 388.677 kilos
  • Albariño 62.717 kilos
  • Treixadura 40.006 kilos
  • Dona Branca 8.213 kilos
  • Branco Lexítimo 4.430 kilos
  • Torrontés 3.060 kilos
  • Loureira 2.511 kilos

Of 92 wineries that are going to make wine this 2020-2021 campaign, 12 wineries are still carrying out harvesting work and the remaining 80 have completed the work, which suggests that this campaign could be completed in the coming days, in which the grape that is entering the winery has an optimal health status and highlights an increase in the grade. Work continues with all the necessary measures for the prevention of Covid19.


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