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D.O.Ribeira Sacra stands in solidarity with the restaurant and hotel sector


Measures announced on November 4th for the control of Covid19 in Galicia represent, among others, new limitations for the hotel and restaurant sector. The establishments of the sector are obliged to close their activity, allowing home delivery or collection at the premises for home consumption.

Ribeira Sacra Denomination of Origin expresses its support for the hotel and restaurant sector, in these moments of health crisis where they are faced with a new closure in a sector interdependent with the wine sector.

President of the C.R.D.O.R.S., José Manuel Rodríguez, shows his support and encouragement for the sector at this time of global crisis, “The wine sector is a participant in the restaurant sector and we stand in solidarity with it. It is a sector very close to us and in such difficult times we need everyone's collaboration. "


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