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May Ribeira Sacra be the wine you drink this Christmas


D.O. Ribeira Sacra prepares the campaign to develop in December and January, "Ribeira Sacra, the wine of this Christmas". The initiative was presented this afternoon at the headquarters of C.R.D.O.R.S., by the President, José Manuel Rodríguez and the representative of D.O. promotion commission, Víctor Manuel Rodríguez.

After such a difficult year that the wine sector was not spared, since D.O. Ribeira Sacra want to achieve better results with an important promotional effort this Christmas, “We want people to toast with wine from D.O. Ribeira Sacra in family gatherings this Christmas, it can be a good time to sell the wine that this year was not sold, mainly due to restrictions on restaurants and hotels. We want to improve sales and for that we will try to reach people with different proposals in the media and on social networks, ”says José Manuel Rodríguez.

Ribeira Sacra, The Wine of this Christmas:  

C.R.D.O.R.S. organizes virtual tastings taught by Mercedes González Rodríguez that will take place via streaming (Zoom, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram) on Thursday, December 10th and 17th from 7:00 p.m. For these tastings, 41 references from 20 wineries will be tasted. In these two days a representation of all the participating wineries will be tasted and in January there will be two new tastings with the rest of the references. Prior to each tasting, it will be reported which are the participating wines so that interested persons can purchase them at the winery, specialized stores, supermarkets or through the internet. Videos of these live tastings will later be posted on the different networks.

What do you like to accompany your Ribeira Sacra? Photo contest that began on December 1st on Facebook and will last until December 15th. During the first fortnight of the month, D.O. Ribeira Sacra wants to know what the consumer likes to accompany its wines, a special meal, a person, a movie, a landscape, a place, a hobby, ... Photographs, which will be sent by WhatsApp to the telephone 647 59 57 47, they must include, as the only requirement, a bottle of a DO Ribeira Sacra wine and the preferred accompaniment for that wine. The 3 photos that receive the most “likes” on Facebook will obtain prizes related to wine and wine tourism. On Wednesday, December 16th, the winners will be announced.

Videos of congratulatory toasts from the wineries to show the unity of the sector and confidence in a better future, on these very significant dates. “In the moments we are in, we want to convey an image of union, of sharing work, efforts and hope. When proximity seems forbidden, it is essential to generate trust and closeness, and the way we choose is to put a face on the wineries, ”highlighted José Manuel Rodríguez. The objective is to have a presence of the wines of D.O. on social networks throughout December and until after Christmas.

Presence in the media
. To reinforce the message, May the Ribeira Sacra be the wine of this Christmas, in addition to the presence in networks, the presence in the media will also be fundamental, both at an informative and advertising level. In addition to the specific information on each activity, a special was held in La Región and we collaborated with the El Progreso Group campaign, "Wave cooking, land cooking, everyone's cooking." The greatest effort, this Christmas, will be made to have a presence on Onda Cero radio, TVG (Galician TV) and on Radio Gallega (Galician radio); It will be the first time that the wines of D.O. Ribeira Sacra have a presence as a television spot, in this case with an advertisement in which to delve into the trust generated by the consumption of D.O. Ribeira Sacra wine. “A wine that is born from effort and passion for the vineyard and that accompanies us in the best moments. May we continue to enjoy good things this Christmas, family and close friends. That we attend to our palate, which is also one of the closest and that with good food and good wines, we move on to the best moments of our lives, ”wishes José Manuel Rodríguez.


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