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D.O. Ribeira Sacra recommends September 15th as the official start of the harvest


The plenary session of the Regulatory Council of the D.O. Ribeira Sacra met late on August 31st to decide the recommended date for the general start of the harvest in the Denomination of Origin

The results of the ripening controls in the vineyards, carried out by the Denomination's technical team over the last few days, make it possible to determine the state of the grapes and define the official date for the start of the harvest this campaign.

The plenary session decided as the official date for this campaign, September 15th, predictably extending the harvest of the grape until October; being able to reach around 6 million kilos of grapes. Last year the official date was September 15th and the harvest ended on October 20th.

In the last week, some wineries carried out occasional harvest work, having collected almost 11,000 kilos of grapes so far, mainly Godello with 8,141 kilos. They are followed by: Merenzao, 1,429 kilos and Albariño, 1,285 kilos.

During the next few days, viticulturists and winemakers will be aware of the weather to decide how they plan their harvest.


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