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D.O. Wine Movement Day 2022: on October 22nd, a big toast to the diversity and sustainability of DDOO


On Saturday, October 22nd, at 1:30 p.m., 36 Denominations of Origin of wine from Spain organize a collective and simultaneous toast in emblematic places of their respective territories to bring the D.O. concept to the consumer, highlight the values behind the wine with D.O. and disseminate why DDOO are considered sustainability tools in their territories.

Celebrating, disseminating and claiming are the objectives of the D.O. Wine Movement Day, an action that was born in 2017 and that this year, in its sixth edition and under the slogan "Denominations of origin, sustainable territories", returns to face-to-face on the 22nd of October, after the forced transit of the last two years through the online world. And it does it in a big way, bringing together the largest number of Wine Denominations of Origin that have participated in this event to date: 36 Denominations of Origin, exceeding the 29 that met in 2019, which will organize different activities in their territory with a collective and simultaneous toast as the central act, at 1:30 p.m. (at 12:30 p.m., in the Canary Islands) on Saturday, October 22nd.
D.O.Ribeira Sacra joins the action this year from the Aida Sara Menéndez Lorenzo hostel in Diomondi, in the middle of the Winter Way. In 2019, he took the participants in the DO Wine Movement Day to a catamaran on the Sil to celebrate the toast.

The D.O. Wine Movement Day It has a lot of festive and a lot of protest. And it is an action to celebrate that, in many territories of Spain, for decades, wine growers and wineries have decided to come together to decide how to protect a collective heritage, in the form of natural conditions and knowledge local and contrasted over time that make the grapes and wines from their areas unique and different from the rest and have a recognized quality linked to a specific origin. That's a D.O. And at the same time, we are facing an initiative that this year will also focus on claiming that, since their birth, Designations of Origin have proven to be tools of sustainability in their territories, as a group of farmers and companies that constitutes a lever for change and that have demonstrated their resilience and their ability to adapt over the years based on collective intelligence and the assumption of commitments and responsibility that contribute to making their territories and their people stronger and more dynamic.


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