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D.O. Ribeira Sacra closes with 6,659,286 kilos, the third most productive harvest in its history


After 51 days of harvest, the D.O. Ribeira Sacra reaches 6,659,286 kilos. Last year the end of the harvest was on the same dates, with 6,092,707 kilos harvested. This year the ripening controls led to the plenary session of the C.R.D.O.R.S. to be set as the recommended date for the official start of the harvest, September 14th, although some wineries in certain areas began with specific harvests on August 22nd.

In this 2023 harvest, there were 1,971 registered winegrowers, 1,307 hectares and 89 wineries that collected the following quantities per grape variety:

Red varieties

  • Mencía 5.211.818 kilos
  • Garnacha 259.800 kilos
  • Sousón 96.259 kilos
  • Merenzao 67.841 kilos
  • Brancellao 62.092 kilos
  • Caíño tinto 36.753 kilos
  • Tempranillo 35.487 kilos
  • Mouratón 7.275 kilos
  • Grao Negro 2.010 Kilos

White Varieties:

  • Godello 699.031 kilos
  • Albariño 97.560 kilos
  • Treixadura 63.663 kilos
  • Dona Branca 8.149 kilos
  • Loureira 5.191 kilos
  • Blanco Legítimo 4.287 kilos
  • Torrontés 2.070 kilos

The 2023 campaign thus becomes the third most abundant in the history of the D.O. Ribeira Sacra, after the 2019 harvest, prior to the pandemic with 7,262,831 kilos and 2011 that almost reached 7 million kilos.

The President of the C.R.D.O.R.S., Antonio Lombardía, evaluates the campaign in this way, “We knew that there were many grapes in the vineyards. The weather was very good for picking the white and more complicated for picking the red, and even so we have a harvest of great quality and significant quantity.”


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