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D.O. Ribeira Sacra presents the Aosta awards and Antonio Lombardía celebrates his first Christmas meal in the sector as President


D.O. Ribeira Sacra celebrated its traditional Christmas lunch this Friday, a fraternity meeting in which the wine sector comes together. This meeting, which took place at the Parador de Turismo of Monforte de Lemos, was used to present the prizes of the “Mondial des Vins Extremes” International Competition, which was held in September in Valle d'Aosta (Italy). In this edition of the Competition, the D.O. Ribeira Sacra became the most awarded Denomination of Origin worldwide, achieving 5 Grand Gold Medals and 21 Gold Medals.

Grand Gold Medals (from 93 to 100 points)

  • Godello Regina Viarum 2022, Regina Viarum S.L. Sober
  • Godello Pazo de Maga 2022, Pazo de Maga S.L.U. Monforte de Lemos
  • Don Bernardino blanco 2022, Don Bernardino. Sober
  • Viña Vella blanco 2022, SAT Virxen dos remedios. O Saviñao
  • Inseparables blanco 2021, EDV 2015 SL. Quiroga

   Gold Medals (from 89 to 92,99 points) 

  • Vía Romana do Camiño Mencía garda 2021, Adegas e Viñedos Vía Romana. Chantada
  • Pizarras y Esquistos 2020, Adega Ponte da Boga SL. Castro Caldelas
  • Godello Almalarga 2022, Alma das Donas S.L.U. Pantón
  • Mencía Garoubas 2021, Bodega A Carqueixa. Monforte de Lemos
  • Mencía Garoubas 2020, Bodega A Carqueixa. Monforte de Lemos
  • Mencía Don Xoan 2022, Bodega Gullufre. Sober
  • Mencía Romeo Domain 2022, Bodega Gullufre. Sober
  • Prómine 2022, Bodegas Petrón S.L. Sober
  • Casa Moreiras Mencía 2022, Casa Moreiras. Pantón
  • Casa Moreiras Godello 2022, Casa Moreiras. Pantón
  • Mencía Don Bernardino Ibio 2020, Don Bernardino. Sober
  • Mencía Don Bernardino 2021, Don Bernardino. Sober
  • Mencía Don Bernardino 4ª Generación 2018, Don Bernardino. Sober
  • Mencía Don Cosme 2022, EDV SLU. Quiroga
  • Mencía Galanteiro 2022, José Luis Pérez Pérez. O Saviñao
  • Mencía Asolagados 2022, Pilares de Belesar S.L.U. O Saviñao
  • Finca Cuarta Consentida 2019, Finca Cuarta Bodegas y Viñedos
  • Finca La Capitana 2018, Regina Viarum SL. Sober
  • Mencía Regina Expresión 2020, Regina Viarum SL. Sober
  • Godello Regina Dona 2021, Regina Viarum SL. Sober
  • Mencía Val da Lenda 2022, Víctor Manuel Rodríguez López. Sober

The Mondial des Vins Extrêmes is the most important oenological competition worlwide, reserved for wines produced in mountain regions or from extreme crops: altitude greater than 500 meters, slope of the terrain greater than 30% (in areas of the D.O. Ribeira Sacra in areas of the DO Ribeira Sacra it reaches 80%) or viticultural cultivation systems on terraces). In this edition, the D.O. Ribeira Sacra presented 67 samples from 28 wineries.

This was the first Christmas meal of the D.O. Ribeira Sacra with Antonio Lombardía as President. In addition to wishing Happy Holidays to the entire sector and thanking the treatment received during these months, in his speech he reviewed the main actions carried out in 2023 and advanced projects for 2024.

“We are making a clear commitment to internationalization and training. We also want to improve the digitalization of our wineries and connectivity, so that the relationship of the Regulatory Council with wineries and winegrowers is more effective and dynamic and also the communication of our wineries to the outside,” Lombardía assured.

Thus the D.O. Ribeira Sacra will be at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024 from February 12nd to 14th and at Prowein in Düseldorf (Germany) from March 10st to 12th. Work is underway to expand the exhibition spaces in this type of fairs and to participate in new external promotion events.

At a training level, an effort is made to train to compete in international markets, they prepare WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) training, Digital Marketing and Electronic Commerce courses and Packaging training. Wine tourism also becomes an area to pay special attention to with greater promotion of the Wine Route and its activities.

“This year has been intense for me as President, we have renewed our membership in CECRV (Spanish Conference of Wine Regulatory Councils) and we hold the presidency of ACRUAGA (Association of Galician Wine Regulatory Councils and the IIGG Traditional Spirits and Liqueurs of Galicia"), assured Antonio Lombardía, who by 2024 pointed out that important work will be done to delimit the D.O., "We are going to start the delimitation, in this way it will be clear where it can be planted and where it cannot in each town hall that is part of the D.O. Ribeira Sacra”.


Address: Comercio 6/8. Monforte de Lemos (Lugo). 27400 Spain (+34) 982 410 968