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Ferran Centelles tastes 50 wines from D.O. RIBEIRA SACRA


Last Thursday the 16th, the renowned sommelier Ferran Centelles, known for his career at the prestigious elBulli restaurant and his collaboration with the international publication Jancis Robinson, visited the Regulatory Council of the Ribeira Sacra Designation of Origin. During his visit, Centelles carried out a blind tasting of 50 wines from the appellation.

In the words of Centelles “The Ribeira Sacra is a region that is highly valued both for the viticulture effort it entails and for its products, specifically its fresh Atlantic Mencías and its pure and clean Godellos, these are very attractive wines for the market” .

This taste is part of the continuous efforts of the Ribeira Sacra Designation of Origin to highlight the quality and uniqueness of its wines on the international scene. The presence of an expert of Centelles' stature underlines the prestige and recognition that the wines of our region have achieved in recent years.

This collaboration between Jancis Robison and the Regulatory Council reflects the Council's commitment to promoting and consolidating the reputation of its wines through high-impact platforms and recognized experts in the oenological sector.

During the taste, Ferran commented that the specialized consumer may not value the cost of this heroic viticulture so much, but rather the soul and differentiation of the wines. The wines of Ribeira Sacra are very unique and singular wines, with a lot of freshness, with herbal and vibrant touches. We cannot ask the final consumer to evaluate a more “painful” viticulture, but we can offer them more daring, more delicate wines with more character.

The sommelier concluded that “uniqueness must be promoted more, that wineries should not be afraid of making wines from a single vineyard, which are lacking, and that they should not be afraid of making delicate wines. Delicacy is what is historically lacking in Spain and the Ribeira Sacra has the potential to offer those wines.”

It should be noted that Ferran Centelles had previously visited the Regulatory Council in Monforte de Lemos in 2020. On that occasion, his visit was focused on meeting with hoteliers and winemakers in the region to promote the Bullipedia project, an encyclopedia of gastronomic knowledge promoted by the team. from elBulli.


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