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The General Assembly of CECRV highlights the important role of the DDOO in rural areas


The XXIII General Assembly of CECRV, which brought together more than 50 representatives of 31 denominations of origin, agreed on the lines of action of the organization in the next 12 months. The differentiation tools that DDOOs provide to sector operators and their transversal role as generators of ecosystems that benefit the positioning of wines in segments with higher added value, which attract tourism and investment and that fix the population to the rural environment, among axes of work that will guide the action of the organization in the immediate future.
The meeting served to highlight the role of denominations of origin as endogenous resources of the territory, as a source of socio-economic sustainability for the rural population and as a source and distribution of value for operators. The focus was also placed on the dissemination and training tasks to be carried out by the Conference in the coming months, based on the budget approved by the association, by organizing different events on the online wine trade as a complementary way of marketing, on the contribution of the DDOO to the rural environment from the socio-economic, cultural and environmental point of view and on the importance of agro-alimentary DDOO as a whole as a heritage to be protected at the regional level and at the country level.

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The Assembly also allowed to reinforce the role played by the Spanish Conference of Vitivinicultural Regulatory Councils as a channel of sectoral communication and dissemination tool of the D.O. and the values linked to it (quality, the importance of origin, the cultural roots of the territories, food security, a healthy lifestyle, diversity ...), as well as wine as a natural product, linked to the Mediterranean diet, considered by law as a food and linked to a healthy lifestyle consumed in moderation. For the Assembly, it is worrying that sometimes unfounded information questions those characteristics linked to a product that is also a differentiating element of the country. The departure signal was also given for the organization of the third edition of the D.O. Wine Movement Day, which will take place on May 11 in multiple DDOOs throughout the country.
CECRV currently includes 52 Regulatory Councils, representative of 54 denominations of origin (the Jerez and Málaga regulatory councils are also of the DO Manzanilla and Sierras de Málaga, respectively), more than 80% of the total denominations of Spanish wine origin and, in terms of marketing, more than 90% of the volume of wine covered by DO, according to the latest available data published by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA), referring to the 2016/2017 campaign.

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According to these same data, CECRV groups 3,574 wineries (88.48% of the total of wineries attached to the 69 D.O. of the wine that exist today in Spain), which market 12,188,285 hl. of wine with D.O., the vast majority of wine packaged with D.O. (98.46%) that is commercialized in our country, according to the data of the MAPA.
The 54 Denominations of Origin member of the Conference integrate 109,383 winegrowers (92.64% of the total of viticulturists assigned to the 69 DO) and are owners of 548,728 hectares of vineyard (95.69% of the total area assigned to the vineyards). DO and 57.64% of the 951,946 hectares of vineyards in Spain).
CECRV is also part of the European Federation of Origin Wines (EFOW), together with the organizations that represent Denominations of Origin and Geographical Indications of the rest of the major European producing countries (France, Italy and Portugal). 


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