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Wine dictionary


Separating the stalks from the grape juice.


Pieces of wood worked to form the shape of a barrel.


A wine of quality made from a top class grape variety, with a harmonious colour and aroma, a well balanced taste and a well-aged bouquet.


The addition of pure alcohol to the wine grape juice in order to stop the fermentation, thus preserving a residual amount of sugar, characteristic of natural fortified wines.


The time of the year when the grapes begin to develop their colour.


A quality rounded wine, whose components are in harmony with each other.


The grape stalks.


The structure of the body of the wine in which should be combined all of its components: acid, alcohol, tannins, density, etc.


Wine that has undergone modifications with the passage of time.

Fermentación Alcohólica/Alcoholic Fermentation

A biological and chemical process that transforms the sugars from the grape juice into alcohol and other components of the wine through the action of yeast. The great sparkling wines have a special fermentation in the bottle which develops their bubbles.

Fermentación Maloláctica/Malolactic fermentation

A second fermentation of some wines through the action of bacteria in which the malic acid turns into lactic acid, although it is not always produced.

Fino/Dry sherry

A type of full-bodied, aged wine (sherry) from Andalucia.


The film of yeast that contributes to the formation of Aldehydes during the biological or anaerobic ageing of some wines such as Sherry, Moriles, Montilla, Rueda and the Jura region in France.


Aroma agradable de ciertos vinos que recuerda al perfume de determinadas flores como la rosa, el jazmín, violeta, madreselva, etc.


A fruit aroma that appears in some red wines or rosés and in some ports. It can also be found in sparkling wines made from Pinot Noir grapes.


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