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Wine dictionary


The sediment or dregs that are left at the bottom of the barrel. Concentrated wine produced by boiling, that can be added to ordinary wines to give them body.


Wine that has been aged in the bottle.


A bottle that is twice the size of a normal bottle (75cl).


A white wine with a light rosé colour because of deposits from previous red wines.


A noble aroma that can be detected in quality wines, especially if it has been made by malolactic fermentation.

Manzanilla/Dry sherry

A sherry wine, aged in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Andalucía.


A noble aroma of some aged red wines.


A mix of pure wine alcohol with grape juice.


Unfermented grape juice.

Oloroso/Oloroso sherry

Sherry wine from Jerez, between 18 and 20 degrees of alcohol with a nutty perfume. It is the result of oxidised ageing A dark golden colour and full-bodied.


The residue left over from the pressing of the grapes. After taking out the juice from the press, the "orujos" can be distilled in order to make aguadiente (a spirit distilled from grape skins).


Alterations in the wine due to receiving a supply of oxygen. It affects the colour and the freshness of white wines. The red wines are oxidised moderately during the ageing process, but an excess of oxygen has an adverse affect on the wines colour and qualities.


A word to describe a clear white wine with a straw colour.

Pale Cream

A sweet sherry with a clear colour.

Pale Dry

A type of sherry


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