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Wine dictionary


White wine or rosé that has a good balance between the alcohol and acid contents. It can be applied to young wines and claret.


The aromatic qualities of the wine. The presence of aromas that are reminiscent of fruit (blackberry, raspberry, banana, pineapple,peach etc.)


Special wine whose alcohol content is between 15°and 23°. It is also applied to table wines with a high alcohol content.

Gran Reserva/Great Vintage wine

The name for wines that are aged for a long time in oak barrels and in the bottle. Although it varies, according to the region, it should be aged for at least 3 years.


The smell and taste of certain wines that are reminiscent of the vegetable matter from the grape skins and green stems.


Grape skins.


A wine that hasn´t been aged and that has the qualities of having a more fruity and fresh taste.


A receptacle where in old times they trod the grapes. The place in the bodega where they keep the grape press.


The trace of a line that appears oily that is left behind in the glass by wine rich in alcohol, sugars and glycerine.


A one cell micro-organism that is found on the grape skins and that starts the process of alcoholic fermentation.


The sediment that is left in the wine following the first fermentation.


The immersion of the grape skins for a variable time in the fermenting grape juice.

Maceración Carbónica/Carbonic Maceration

This is a technique for making red wines in which the grapes undergo an intracellular fermentation due to enzyme actions. It is used to get a smooth and aromatic young wine.

Maceración en Frío/Cold Maceration

This technique is used to improve the initial aromas in white wine. It comprises of keeping the grape juice in contact with the grape skins and delaying the start of fermentation by keeping it cold.


A defect when oxidising white wine that is similar to a full-bodied wine but without possessing its qualities.


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