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The vertigo harvest ends with 5,244,049 kilos collected


This Wednesday, October 7th, the last grapes harvested in D.O. Ribeira Sacra in this campaign entered the winery, which officially ends the campaign.Today, when all the wineries finished harvesting grapes, data on kilos of grapes by variety are as follows:

Red varieties:

  • Mencía: 4.296.530 k
  • Garnacha: 134.607 k
  • Sousón: 112.462 k
  • Brancellao: 51.574 k
  • Merenzao: 50.072 k
  • Caíño: 28.424 k
  • Tempranillo: 25.024 k
  • Mouratón: 5.355 k
  • Grao Negro: 1.425 k

White varieties:
  • Godello: 412.948 k
  • Albariño: 62.717 k
  • Treixadura: 44.125 k
  • Dona Branca: 8.875 k
  • Branco lexítimo 4.430 k
  • Torrontés: 3.060 k
  • Loureira: 2.511 k


After 2019 was the year of the most abundant harvest in D.O. Ribeira Sacra, the 2020 campaign closes according to forecasts after a difficult year, “We had a very rainy spring with atypical temperatures and the fungi attacked more than normal. It was a difficult year where the expectations of a difficult year with adverse weather conditions were met.
After the most abundant harvest, nature also regulated itself and everything is within expectations, with a little less than 15% less harvest than a normal year. 5 million 244,049 kilos collected in a campaign with meteorological conditions that contributed to the optimal state of the grape and to the fixation of its acidity, ”says the President of the C.R.D.O.R.S., José Manuel Rodríguez.

Vendimia 2020 en la D.O. Ribeira Sacra

Regardless D.O. exceeds the harvest of 2013 and 2014 where it did not reach 5 million kilos. In 2015, 6,227,365 kilos were collected, in 2016 5,585,306 kilos were collected; in 2017 they were 5,515,694 and in 2018 they reached 6,170,995. In 2019 it had been the historic harvest of 51 days, collecting grapes to collect more than 7,200.00 kilos.

D.O. Ribeira Sacra leaves behind an early harvest, without surpassing 2017 harvest that began on August 19th, and a campaign in which it had to face the pandemic, as José Manuel Rodríguez points out, “The pandemic had no incident during the harvest, but it was something different in the care of the vineyards; There are cases in which it is a question of complementary economies of people who are not here and who had travel problems to tend the vineyard. For the rest, harvest began earlier and ended earlier with a grape in excellent sanitary condition and with a very good grade because in this D.O. the issue of maturation is not a problem. "

Last year after finishing the harvest, Denomination was preparing to host the XXIV General Assembly of the Spanish Conference of Wine Regulatory Councils (CECRV), in this year of pandemic we have to continue concentrating on a wine that the national market continued to demand, It is time to focus on taking care of the wine, that the wine that was put in the vats is maintained and working for the market and being able to sell it. After a year of sales in which D.O. Ribeira Sacra was fortunately an atypical case in the national market and the Covid issue had less influence than in other places. Despite the difficulties, we were able to continue being there with a high-level product, ”says José Manuel Rodríguez.


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